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Because I had struggled with quitting smoking for about 15 years, I began to research a way for me to stop smoking tobacco. I had smoked for 39 years. When I stopped, I was up to 2 packs a day. However, all smokers know how toxic it is for you and my multiple attempts to quit were always unsuccessful.
     When I first heard about electronic cigarettes I thought they would be the perfect solution. That led me to researching e-cigarettes. I am now tobacco-free! I feel great. My clothes don't smell like smoke. I can breathe better and my sense of smell has returned. Food now tastes and smells better.
     What’s the best electronic smokeless cigarette starter kit brand? There are plenty of different e-cigarette brands. It can be difficult to decide which electronic cigarette (e-cigarette, e-cig) brand to choose because each online e-cigarette store assures you that they sell the best electronic cigarettes on the market. Read my recommendations and  e-cig reviews for choosing an electronic cigarette brand. I will be adding to the reviews as I do further research.